It’s gym life but not as we know it

It’s gym life but not as we know it

Friday 14th February 2020

Just like any other gym, Studio35 offers members a comfortable place in which to exercise using a range of high-tech equipment that helps improve fitness and accelerate weight loss. But that’s where the similarities start and finish. Because Studio35 is like no other gym in Rayleigh.

Described by our owners as a ‘community project’, we provide a uniquely welcoming and friendly training environment, which provides reassurance to newcomers and encouragement to people of all ages and abilities.

There are no mirrors on the walls for muscle-bound superhumans to admire their physiques. Instead, easy-to-use, self-configuring equipment enables members to work at their own pace during personalised training sessions that last just 35 minutes. So, it’s no surprise Studio35 has been dubbed the ‘gym for non-gym’ people – a strapline we are shouting from the roof tops.

So, what makes Studio35 different from other gyms?

State-of-the-art equipment

When you train at Studio35, there’s no need to set each machine to the correct seat position or select the right weight. That’s because we are one of the first gyms in the UK to offer the Milon Circuit, an intelligent medical-grade system, designed by physiotherapists to provide you with a safe workout.  

It takes just 5 minutes to set-up your details and enter them onto your personalised wristband, which will then adjust every machine to your precise dimensions whilst providing the best level of weight and resistance for your training session.

Community feel

Ages, abilities and fitness levels are far more diverse at Studio35 than you’ll see in other Rayleigh gyms and our members frequently comment on the welcome and support they receive. In fact, the guidance and encouragement shown by our friendly staff will make you feel like you have your own personal trainer.

Regardless of your fitness levels, your workout will be personised to you by our expert team of coaches to ensure you are working at the right level of intensity. The intelligent settings available on this system also makes it ideal for members with health conditions or those who are recovering from injuries.

35-minute sessions

If time is short, don’t worry because there’s no need to spend hours on the treadmill or lifting free weights. Our Milon circuit equipment helps improve all-round fitness whilst building strength and endurance in just 35 minutes.

Get in touch today for your free trial at Studio35 and experience 35-minutes of feel-good exercise.

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