No Sweat!

No Sweat!

Sunday 19th August 2018

Top Tip from the Gym Team


Exercise doesn’t have to leave you dripping in sweat and breathless – in fact, if you are just starting out on a new exercise regime, the key to successful health or weight management and long-term fitness benefits is regular, moderate exercise.

So for example, if you join a gym in January and just ‘go at it like hammer and tongs’, you are certainly likely to begin to lose some weight but you are also likely to feel sore and stiff afterwards and may even cause an injury to your muscles or joints, all of which will prove powerful disincentives to your regular workout.

Better to take it slowly and set yourself a goal of say 20 - 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day where you begin to feel slightly out of breath but can still maintain a conversation.

At Studio35 in Rayleigh, the Milon Circuit limits your workout to 35 minutes, 6 times per month. Also the specialised nature of the hi-tech equipment limits your range of motion to your personal parameters so it’s impossible to over-stretch or cause an injury which make it the safest equipment on the market.

We also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Sound like an offer you can’t refuse? Give us a call on 01268 777342.


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