Remember the F.I.T. Rule

Remember the F.I.T. Rule

Thursday 19th July 2018

Top Tip from the Gym Team


F.I.T.T. (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type) is a fundamental rule in planning any exercise regime as the success or failure of your programme may rely solely on these criteria.

In terms of frequency the optimum number of visits or sessions to aim for is 2 – 3 work-outs per week. Any more may do more harm than good as your muscles need time to recover and any less than 2 sessions per week will reduce the likelihood of you maintaining your motivation and achieving your goals. 

The intensity of your workout is important in managing your body’s energy systems – to burn the maximum number calories (stored as fat) you need to be working at the right level of effort for your individual needs; a good indication is that you should be able to hold a conversations without being too breathless.

There time you spend working out is also a key factor. There is no need to slog it out in a gym for hours on end; a moderate intensity 35min workout can burn just as many (if not more) calories than over an hour of gentle walking.

The type of training you do is also important – for a holistic approach to fitness it is important to get a good mix of both resistance (which works your muscles) and cardio-vascular training (which trains your heart & lungs).

Now here's the best news - at Studio35 Wellness Club in Rayleigh, all of these criteria are taken care of for you. The unique Milon Circuit not only provides you with a recommended workout schedule, it pre-programmes the intensity you work at based on an initial assessment of your strength across all major muscle groups and your personal goals. 

Also, because the resistance exercises make you work out both pushing and pulling on the same machine, this provides the optimal stress on your muscles to make this the most effective workout ever.

The full Milon circuit lasts just 35 minutes so your work-out time is taken care of automatically and due to the variety in the circuit, with all major muscle groups and four sessions of CV you get great variety.

But if you cannot join us at Studio35, wherever you choose to exercise, make sure you apply the FITT rule to your work out.


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