Resistance is Useful

Resistance is Useful

Thursday 19th July 2018

Top Tip from the Gym Team


Lovers of the TV series Dr. Who will be familiar with the Dalek's and their mantra that 'resistance is useless'. Well, not in terms of your exercise regime it isn't.

In fact, resistance training is extremely useful and one of the most important aspects of a healthy workout programme.

Muscle is an active tissue which, even in a resting state, burns calories. This is why resistance training can prove to be the most significant factor in a well-balanced weight management programme – especially for women who traditionally shy away from weight training.

With just slightly more toned muscles you can burn more calories simply sitting on the sofa watching the Soaps!  

And ladies who worry about looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger should simply stop worrying;  the vast majority of women just do not possess the genetic make up to develop this kind of musculature but you will firm up your muscles and start to tone up the 'wobbly bits' we all worry about. 

At Studio35 Wellness Club in Rayleigh, the resistance provided on the unique Milon Circuit is personally and precisely calculated based on your initial assessment. This hi-tech equipment constantly measures your actions and will increase or decrease the resistance based on your performance on each station.

Also, one of the unique concepts of the Milon Circuit is that each machine will provide resistance in both planes of movement  - i.e lifting and lowering the weights - meaning that you will burn 15 times more fat and build 30% more muscle than traditional weight training.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so, stop resisting (!) give us a call today.


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