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Milon Circuit Training: The Effective Full Body Workout In 35 Minutes

Are you looking to improve your fitness or are looking for a proven weight loss solution? Try the Milon Circuit – the innovative and transformational circuit training class that delivers results in just 35 minutes.

The Milon Circuit (pronounced Mee – lon) is an effective way to achieve basic fitness, providing a full body workout that improves all-round fitness, strength, endurance and all-over muscle toning. Milon circuit training is beneficial for all ages, sizes and fitness levels, so if you’re interested in an innovative and high-tech workout, it’s time to get book a Milon Circuit class at Studio35!

What is a Milon Circuit?

A Milon Circuit is a revolutionary circuit which combines fully automated strength and cardio machines into a full body work out, which is tailored to each person. The innovative workout uses machines which are set up automatically with the tap of your personal wristband. The machine will then adjust accordingly, in terms of the correct resistance and reps, just for you.

Milon is only available at a few venues in the UK, so by enrolling in the Milon Circuit with Studio35, you are guaranteed to achieve desired results in a friendly and welcoming environment.

To find out if Milon Circuit training is for you, please check out our Milon Test!


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The Milon Circuit is an innovative fitness training concept, incorporating six-medical grade strength machines and two medical-grade cardio-vascular machines into a circuit-style workout.

During each session, the trainers will pre-programme the exercise circuit, so that the machines are set up with the correct resistance and settings just for you. You’ll receive a wristband which stores your personalised workout, making it quick, easy and effective to get going!

When taking part in regular Milon Circuit exercise classes and enjoying a healthy balanced diet, you can work towards achieving goals, including:

  • Weight reduction/slimming – if you want to lose weight or reduce body fat, the Milon Circuit strength training methods can certainly help to encourage that. The key to success lies in the combination of endurance training and moderate strength training in the high reps range.
  • Muscle building – as part of an effective muscle building programme with the Milon Circuit, you can expect to build up muscle mass with an elevated weight.
  • Pain-free training – the Milon Circuit promotes pain-free training. The training regime also helps to reduce underlying physical discomfort and can reduce pain.

How many calories you burn during a workout can of course depend on a number of factors including your BMI, the workout you are doing, the reps, the exercises, the intensity of the workout etc. With a Milon Circuit however, you can expect to achieve 15x more fat burning with 30% more muscle toning than regular workouts.

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